Monday, December 9, 2013

Blog spotlight follow up: Steven Chan's EBS blog

Several months ago, I started a feature of spotlighting blogs and now I want to start a follow up feature so where else would I start but with Steven Chan's EBS blog?

First off, Steven and crew have added a lot of updates which I'll break down into several different categories:


Java 1.6.0_60, 1.6.0_651.7.0_40 and Java 1.7.0_45 are now certified with EBS.

Now you can use Transportable Tablespaces on 10gR2, potentially saving you time in your upgrade processes.

IE10 on Windows 7 is now certified with EBS.

The Application Management Pack is now certified with the latest version of 12c and EBS Plug-in is now available for EM 12c.

The initial release of 12c is certified with 11i and R12, while the terminal release of 11gR2 is certified as well and even more certifications are available for 11gR2.

Multiple versions of EBS client configurations are now certified on Windows 8.

Firefox ESR 24 is certified with multiple EBS clients.

Running EBS on SPARC?  If so, 11i is now certified with 11gR2.

Did you know that Office 2010 64-bit is certified with EBS 12?


The R12.1 Consolidated Update Patch #2 is available, but is not required if you are already on R12.

Steven reminds us that if you're on R12.1.1 or R12.1.2, you're closer to being able to go to R12.1.3 than you think!

Are you unsure if you should go to R12.1.3 or R12.2?  Steven has an answer for you.

Do you know about the new flexfield value set security feature in R12.2?

Are you using Oracle VM Templates?  New templates are available for R12.2.2.

New Information:

An offer to help Oracle shape the future of the next generation of the EBS interface.  I'll sign up, how about you?

Want to see a great reason to attend Oracle OpenWorld next year?  How about getting support timeline updates direct from the source?

The CPU for October has been released.

Did you know that you are expected to be signing your JAR files?

A new white paper on best practices for gathering EBS statistics, while another paper is available on getting optimal performance from the EBS.

Oracle is sharing the presentations from OpenWorld 2013 for a few months!

Elke suggests a series of upgrade recommendations that are available now.

Can you use 3rd party tools to modify your DB?  Steven has an answer on this one too.

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