Saturday, December 14, 2013

Weekend Twitter - 12/14/13

Sure I could've waited until Thursday for this, but there are a LOT of announcements worthy of getting ahead of the game on the weekend!

Announcements: - Oracle Exadata Database Machine X4-2 is officially released!  Frits shares the data sheet for it too: - Speaking of Exadata, Marc Fielding is on the bleeding edge of just being released! - The official release of Oracle SQL Developer 4!  Jeff Smith shares some reasons to upgrade and Rika Ng posts another release from Oracle on this topic - The Upgrade to Oracle 12c Administrator exam is now available! - Procurement RUP on top of R12.1.3. - The newest version of Oracle Key Manager is now out!

Training/Free Stuff: - Jonathan Lewis shares his presentation on HCC from UKOUG this year! - Cloud to on premise weekend reading. - Allan Robertson shares an Oracle whitepaper on Unstructured Data Management with 12c! - Oracle Education is having WebLogic training. -Jeff Smith will be having a webinar on Oracle SQL Developer! - In the New York area?  Get some training from NYOUG on Oracle SQL Developer. - Oracle Press shares another free chapter, this time "Using and Managing Large Databases". - Only a few seats open for Enkitec's Exadata Optimization class. - Get trained on the Sun ZFS Storage 7000 Appliance! - The Jonathan and Maria double act from OpenWorld this year on the Optimizer. - Interested in a free book on WebLogic?

General News/Information: - Yury shares a great interview response! - Deiby G√≥mez tells us more about ASM and REMOTE_LOGIN_PASSWORDFILE. - Christian shares a tip that you need to know for a multitenant environment! - Luca Canali learned a new trick from MOS in dealing with AWR. - Seth Miller shares something that I've thought a LOT over the last few years! - Jonathan shares some really good feedback that he got from the conference. - Steve Karam has a tweet that reflects a feeling I've seen a lot over the past few months from several people. - Do you know how to get to the last row in an Oracle SQL Developer resultset?

Have you seen the #FiveWordTechHorrors?  Here are some of the better ones I've seen: - MOS article on R12.1 asset workbench errors where you get ORA-20001/XLA-95103. - Leighton has run into an issue with EM agents crashing in 12c on RAC nodes due to memory leaks.

Andy Colvin has several new things to share about the new Exadata: - It looks like Oracle Advanced Compression Option comes with some new licensing. - Uwe Hesse has some detailed insight for the new Oracle Database. - More Exadata cores, more licensing? - The last part in Kerry Osborne's series of answers on 12c Adaptive Optimization! - Jonathan Lewis shares a explanation by Martin Priess of some pre 12c limitations on dynamic_sampling. - Ray Smith tells us not to bounce our DB, and why this post saved his life. - Certification and reference information for MS Office 2007 and 2010 for R11 and R12. - Tanel shows us a bloom partition pruning post from Vishal Desai. - Oracle Linux spotlight on Ksplice. - A great endorsement for Jonathan Lewis' work!

Conference News: - Some post UKOUG conference thoughts from Philippe Fierens.

Social Media/DevOps: - Members of the  OracleACE program share their experiences with Oracle User Groups. - Three tips on making your blog/website better. - SEO tips for getting traffic from Google!

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