Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The 10 days of Blogging past: Day 5

Today for the Christmas episode of 10 days of Blogging past, I will be reviewing the "Supplier issue in Expense Report Import" post from 4/23/13 with 81 views.

I can't say that I'm really surprised this is in my top ten, as this has come up several times at work and highlights not really a design flaw but reflects a different way of thinking about problems that would come up eventually.  The good news was that there were many different articles on My Oracle Support which were able to direct me to a resolution rather quickly, but this is a sign that the issue has come up for a LOT of people over the past few years; that reveals what I think of as the different way of thinking that makes the entire process bomb out instead of allowing for issues and continuing to process what is not in error.  We've had processes similar to this designed over the past few years, and because of our experiences with programs like this we choose either to allow it to process with an error on the output, or a secondary program in the report set is built to kick out the errors so it is clearly visible to the business that there was an error with the processing.

We can also see what is a secondary difference in thinking by requiring additional "IT" work to provide the business the exact root cause when it is fairly easy to identify with the scripts provided in MOS and in this post.  If it is possible to clearly tell what has gone wrong, and how it might be able to be fixed, we should make every effort to do so in order to provide better service to the business and reduce unnecessary work for IT.

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