Friday, December 27, 2013

The 10 days of Blogging past: Day 6

Returning to our 10 days of Blogging past review, today the post we're visiting is "Concurrent Manager holding lock on a report" from 5/23/13 with 82 views.

Despite the obvious lazy sounding title, but today I don't know what else I would've picked to make it sound better, this is the first post in the top five that we're reviewing so it has found an audience out there regardless!  Like a previous review, when I read this today it sounds very clear to me since I experienced it yet I know some of my inexperience is showing through when I'm trying to explain what is going on because it sounds muddled because I need to get better at mixing "how to" with a narrative style.

That said, I have shared many posts on the concurrent manager:

and several of them have enjoyed pictures to go with the actual post content, which were my first attempts at using images on my blog to enhance the narrative.  Great idea if you have your own blog!

On the more application side of things, this post (and some the investigation done) has come in handy many times when trying to understand problems with the concurrent manager and the processes they run.  This may even lead into a "part 2" type of post when I answer some of the lingering questions I have about the relatively simple technology that is the concurrent manager platform and I'll try to focus on finding out more information about it while solving its riddles.

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