Friday, January 24, 2014

Catching up on social media

Recently I have been behind on catching up on blogs because of Twitter, but now that I am focusing on keeping my blog fresh and continually updated I'm behind on catching up on Twitter.  That is why when Doug Burns shared this post in September, I was more than a bit relieved that I am not alone in battling the constant stream of information coming at us in many different ways.  The more blogs I follow, the more people I follow on Twitter, or connect to on LinkedIn start to exponentially add to "my conversation" so I am struggling to find a happy medium or ritual to parsing through that data while being able to generate my own content.  What tools do you use to contain the social media flow?  Are there tips or tricks you have to help you deal with the flood?

EDIT: Minor correction as it looks like I didn't finish my first sentence.

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