Saturday, January 4, 2014

Thursday Twitter - 1/2/14 (Part 2)

The first follow up to Thursday's post to catch up on all of the awesome information coming out of Twitter over the past few weeks!

Announcements: - There is a new ACE Director out there!  Congrats to Danilo Schmiedel! - Andy Colvin tells us that a new version of Exadata Storage Server has been released and also it has new cell-to-cell communications too - If you didn't know, Oracle made a 1.5B move towards the cloud.  Adobe, Salesforce: your move. - Premier Support ended for several products with the new year!

Training/Free Stuff: - Want a free chapter of the Oracle Fusion Applications Development and Extensibility Handbook? - Learn about SLA and Procurement in this webinar. - A good article bringing together a lot of OpenWorld presentations for SOA/BPM! - Learn Exadata Offloading efficiency in Optimization courses from Enkitec! - Kyle Hailey shares a post about Harvard data visualization course lectures and slides being online!

General News/Information: - Timur Akhmadeev shares his Pythian blog post on how to calculate if you have enough redo space. - Want to read a really great detective story about trying to find out why power supplies were dying on the same day in a data center?  You do, it's got an awesome ending too! - Having some problems in R12 with incorrect depreciation on member assets? - Kellyn Pot'Vin shares 10 productivity sites/apps for working remote. - Clean up your SOA QA environment! - Learn from the Oracle documentation about the UTL_CALL_STACK procedure! - Here is a script for looking at your ASM information. - Iggy Fernandez starts a really good series of articles on NoSQL. - Do you know the history of Exadata?  Are you sure you know the whole story? - Yury Velikanov gets EBS 11i forms to run on Windows 8 64-bit due to his secret weapon! - Have you used the PO Approvals Analyzer tool? - Leighton L. Nelson identifies a bug with R3 of EM12c which wasn't there in R2. - Did you know Oracle has changed Smart Flash Cache Compression to be part of the ACO license? - What do you think about programming late into your life?  Great response here for young versus old! - Bertand Drouvot believes that this is a must for any DBA toolkit! - Really love this comment from Osama Mustafa!!  I think this could fill an entire volume for a book on support! - Uwe Hesse recommends a post from Jonathan Lewis on random slowdowns, and it is a very good article!! - Have you looked at the BI Publisher Consolidated Reference document on MOS? - Do you know why there hasn't been a new R12.1.3 RUP for Procurement? - Kyle has a post about ZFS fundamentals for throttling! - What were the top 13 classes for Oracle University in 2013? - Did you know that the parameter _px_xtgranule_size controls the size of block range granules when accessing external tables? - Configuring F5 equipment for use with OEM  There looks to be a surprise waiting for you, but Leighton had your back with details! - Ray Smith shares a post about a new option in OEM12c R3 direct from Oracle! - Kyle has an awesome point here, that we need to automate or die.

Conference News: - Get an advance look at Mark Rittman's presentation for BIWA14!

Social Media/DevOps: - Did you know Google has some free tools for seeing where your visitors are? - A good presentation on modeling DevOps!

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