Monday, January 6, 2014

Exadata: ZFS may be unable to rejoin cluster

Today I was researching something on My Oracle Support, and I ran across document ID 1405209.1 detailing a scenario where Exadata ZFS appliances won't be able to rejoin the cluster due to a software update if you have certain network cards installed.  So what you ask?  Well, other than the obvious research you want to do if you are on Exadata, if you don't get to play with a lot of commands for Exadata this has several that might be useful if you encounter this message:

This appliance is part of an appliance cluster.
Please wait while cluster synchronization takes place.

Joining cluster ... /


  1. What does "Exadata ZFS appliances" mean ?
    Exadata doesn't have a ZFS storage as its component. Exalogic and SuperCluser does though.

  2. Anonymous,

    Thanks for posting! I really do enjoy the feedback and exchange of information!

    I've had some personal experience with our Exadata setup (which could be an oddball) where the 7420 appliance mentioned here ( is a ZFS appliance. The link for the 7420 to Oracle's product page mentions this as for use with Exadata, and has a video of a company choosing Exadata and ZFS storage! Even though the note from Oracle doesn't indicate this is related to Exadata, or match our 7420 model, I didn't know if other people out there might have either a 7310 or 7410 ZFS connected to their Exadata architecture and that's why I shared it.

    It does seem like there is some confusion about ZFS being part of Exadata, as when I presented at OAUG's ConnectionPoint - AppsTech last year I had an opportunity to speak to an individual from an Oracle hardware team that was also similarly surprised by this ZFS attachment in an Exadata architecture build.

    Again, thanks for replying I look forward to hearing from you (and others) in the future!

    -The Oracle EMT