Sunday, January 5, 2014

Thursday Twitter - 1/2/14 (Part 3)

Finally all caught up on Twitter, following yesterday's post, and I must say that as I follow more people and it takes me a bit longer to digest the week that went past, it is becoming crystal clear just how much I learn from all the people in my circle!  I would encourage each and every one of you to start following as many people as you can, starting with those I pass along that you see sharing things along your interests week after week so you can get more out of social media.  For about a year my blog was the only output, and other blogs the only input but the addition of Twitter has really lead to a lot of great interactions both ways!


Sorry folks, no real announcements this week!

Training/Free Stuff: - Uwe Hesse shares a bunch of OLL tutorials on DBAs for beginners. - Tim Hall has an incredible series of articles on public speaking that are well worth your time to read!! - Want to get a free eReader preloaded with 25 McGraw-Hill books? - Want another free book chapter, this time on Fusion?

General News/Information: - Kyle shares Goldratt's 1980s theories and how they have changed. - Kellyn provides a list of 5 deadly Linux commands that you should NOT run. - Interested in a plan for optimizing performance?  Follow these steps! - Do you know why you shouldn't set OPTIMIZER_FEATURES_ENABLE? - An interesting way to monitor more than 1 log file with the tail command! - Mogens has a great point here, and I've seen it way too many times! - Uwe shares a YouTube video of Maria Colgan talking about the Optimizer changes with Oracle 12c. - Bobby Curtis has an article about restarting 12c. - A short video about how California State University, Northridge is using Oracle technology to help their students! - An article by Bobby on OEM 12c and GoldenGate pending. - Maris Elsins shares a Linux script that he's designed to download patches from MOS! - Do you know what is behind the ORA-19821 error message? - Ten tips to become a master programmer. - Ever have it happen where a problem stops when you trace it?  So has Jonathan Lewis! - What URL should you memorize if you are a DBA? - Bjoern Rost has some acronyms from Oracle to share with us. - Some tips on Concurrent Processing! - Uwe and Oracle Data Guard posts.  Lots, and lots of posts!! - Nice to see that others are thinking about support and historical activities for OEM12c…even if Oracle isn't! - A catchup on OTN Garage articles from the year. - What is the Payables #1 document?

Conference News: - Yury would like to get some help proofreading his presentation for Collaborate! - Don't forget to register for RMOUG in February!

Social Media/DevOps: - An idea on how to add excitement to your blog posts! - A listing of Oracle User Group events worldwide. - What is a Twitter landing page, and why should you use it? 

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