Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Along the lines of my presentation, and published article, I bring you new details of another vector you need to verify to not bloat your database.  Looking into the space consumption of our database post R12 upgrade, the DBAs found that the table FND_LOG_MESSAGES was taking up 13% of our space in PROD so they found My Oracle Support document 735138.1 which details how to purge this information.  Why is this related to R12 you ask?  Based on some of the data analysis scripts in my article, I substituted in FND_LOG_MESSAGES and found that prior to R12 our monthly total in this table was just under 3.5 million rows added back in 2010.  Yet, the largest volume of data added to this table was in October when we went to R12 of over 320 million rows.  Okay, sure the system churn and processing might be excessive when installed so let's look at the next highest month that's been completed; in November we more than 233 million rows added to FND_LOG_MESSAGES, which is an increase over 67 times between our previous high and the following month after R12 was installed!

I have a few more nuggets of information to share with you about this situation, so stay tuned the next few days if you're interested by this!

EDIT: I realized I forgot to add in the links to my other articles last night!

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