Saturday, January 11, 2014

Weekend Reading: MOS BPEL/SOA articles

This past week I had occasion to search MOS based on several different error messages related to BPEL and during my search I found many articles which have the potential to help you learn quite a lot about BPEL and SOA so I wanted to share them with you:

Troubleshooting ORABPEL-05002 Errors for SOA Suite or BPEL Process Manager (Doc ID 1290419.1)
ORABPEL-05002 Exception While Running large number of Parallel BPM Process. (Doc ID 1597990.1)
Troubleshooting ORABPEL-05002 Error Related to Transactions, Database, XA or JDBC in SOA Suite or BPEL PM (Doc ID 1306718.1)
Diagnosing ORABPEL-05002 Message Handle Error (Doc ID 747334.1)
ORABPEL-05002 When Trying To Recover A Business Fault (Doc ID 1407528.1)
Information Center: Troubleshooting Oracle BPEL Process Manager 10g (Doc ID 1459806.2)
Adapter Messages Polled by Mediator not Handed off to BPEL (Doc ID 1392594.1)
Mediator Hangs when Invoking BPEL Process (Doc ID 1407948.1)
SOA 11g: FTP Adapter Failing to get Files with Wildcard Search (Doc ID 1485762.1)
"Publish Engineering Change Order Updates" Concurrent Program Finishes In Error (Doc ID 1339841.1)
PO And OTM Integration: Not Able To Use Non Apps User In Fusion Layer (Doc ID 1283684.1)
NullPointerException Occurs While Invoking BAM Adapter From a Composite (Doc ID 1347520.1)

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