Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thursday Twitter - 1/2/14 (Part 1)

Since I have almost a full TWO weeks to catch up posting from Twitter, I've decided to break the posts up this week so you can get some weekend reading materials on the actual weekend.

Announcements: - The oraclenerd has become an OracleACE Director!!

Training/Free Stuff: - Fusion General Ledger Beta test available! - A free chapter about NoSQL and BigData! - Learn how to troubleshoot Exadata from Enkitec! - Want to learn something from Christo Kutrovsky's Oracle, Linux and memory presentation from OakTable World?

General News/Information: - Ever wonder how much Exadata infrastructure really costs? - have you used iperf to measure network performance before? - Speaking of measurements, here's a good article on benchmarking. - Want to see some deep dive information about Oracle?  Look no further than Frits Hoogland's tweet and following conversation! - Sizing and capacity planning when you don't know the system. - Reminder about Concurrent and Workflow analyzers, and I can vouch for the benefits of both of them!! - Carlos Sierra shows how to do some tracing on legacy PL/SQL. - Kellyn tells about a problem she's having with 12c EM queries and then tells us what the cause was too! - What is the LREG process, and why should you learn about it? - Part 3 of Tom Kyte's series on 12c!

Conference News: - Did you know that a MythBuster is going to give the keynote address at Collaborate 14?!?

Social Media/DevOps: - I have a friend that swears by using MailChimp, so I know if a newsletter is what I want to be doing this is probably what I'll be using! - New to Twitter?  Here are some tips! - Can't disagree with this picture explaining DevOps! - A great reminder that sometimes the title is just as important as the article!

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