Monday, January 27, 2014

R12: Personalizations

Around two years ago we started attacking our long running SQL statements, and one of those was a blind query possible within the EBS forms on the AP_INVOICES_ALL table.  Our developers placed a personalization on the form so any user interactions with it required query criteria to be present before the query would actually try to run, so the full table scan possibility was completely avoided.  Imagine my surprise today when I went into that same form, tried to have it run the blind query, and then had my EBS application freeze up while it was waiting for the results of the query.  If we had our connection information correct, I might have been able to find my session which I needed to do because it wasn't showing on our long running alert and that is my next mystery after I find out why our personalizations might be missing in R12.  Yet another tip that needs to go on the R12 installation checklist!

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