Friday, January 3, 2014

R12: The future of Oracle EBS lies within FND_USER

This sounds like an odd statement, but have you looked in the FND_USER table after upgrading to any version of R12?  I recently had reason to look into this table as a result of our upgrade, and expanding my search a bit I was surprised to see in R12.1.3 that the FND_USER.USER_NAME of "ORACLE12.1.0" for FND_USER.USER_ID of 121 was not alone in the table!  Look at the values of USER_ID between 120 and 129 and you'll find a surprise in that the USER_NAME goes all the way up to "ORACLE12.9.0" but there is nothing defined for ORACLE13 in any way.  We know that Oracle doesn't speak about upcoming releases or anything of that nature due to their revenue recognition rules, but we can see the future they are planning for even if it doesn't come to fruition.

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